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The Yoga Studio




Class Description

The Yoga Studio

Hatha Yoga

An eclectic, dynamic and invigorating class that incorporates breathing, meditation, alignment and flowing movement, thoughtfully sequenced to build heat, balance and concentration. This class is designed to energize, strengthen and create resiliency in the body.



Combines energy work, restorative yoga and guided visualization to relax the body, calm the mind, and lift the spirit, a powerful way to overcome the stress and challenges of daily life. Students often enjoy health benefits such as lower stress levels, healthier heart rates, lower blood pressure, greater energy levels, shorter recovery time from injuries or illness, and a deeper sense of peace and well-being.


Gentle Yoga

Set the tone for your day with this gentle, life balancing practice. The class aims to strengthen, balance and rejuvenate the body through gentle and restorative movement. By creating balance in the body the mind will learn to follow. Through the practice of mindful movement we can incorporate mindfulness into everyday living and learn to experience more joy and connectedness to others along with less frustration and anxiety. This class comprises a combination of postures coordinated with the breath, simple breathing techniques and a short guided meditation. The class is for all all levels of experience and flexibility.


Gentle Therapeutic

This class is a gentle and therapeutic approach to Yoga asana targeting common problem areas to reduce pain and increase mobility in the body. Class will include the fundamentals of basic postures, simple movement sequences, breathing and some restorative practice. Appropriate for beginners and students with back problems, injuries, illness, fatigue or chronic pain.


Deep Stretch Yoga

This class utilizes isometric, resistive stretching, restorative yoga techniques as well as targeted muscle activation and contraction to help the body achieve deep muscle lengthening and joint stabilization in a safe manner. Attention is paid to working around common injuries and sensitivities such as neck, back, shoulder, hip and knee pain so that participants can enjoy yoga safely.  Participants of all levels and abilities may find this class beneficial. If you enjoy gentle, restorative or yin yoga you will love this class. Please note that this class should not replace proper medical intervention or treatment. Please consult your physician to determine whether this exercise regimen is appropriate for you. 

Ashtanga Flow

It doesn’t matter if you even know what Ashtanga is, what you should know about this class is that it will be a lot of fun but at the same time keep you on your toes. This class is inspired by the beautiful Ashtanga sequence but with the freedom to explore and surprise you. The poses are sequenced together through a meditative Vinyasa flow that will take you from one part of the body to the next until the whole body has been awakened and relaxed. This class combines the traditions of Ashtanga with influences from various other styles of Yoga.


Candlelight Vinyasa

Experience a yoga flow class like you’ve never before. Lit by candlelight, it flows like Vinyasa, energies like power and soothes your soul like Restorative. This beautiful class gives you the ability to really look inward as you move from pose to pose in soft lighting. Through this process, you’ll find the mental clarity and focus to achieve more than you ever imagined! It’s an all levels class that will let beginners build an accessible flow practice while providing experienced yoga practitioners with a chance to play their edge and challenge themselves. It will tone your body, mind and spirit, and you’ll leave glistening in more ways than one.


Gentle Vinyasa

This is a gentle flow practice integrating traditional sun salutations with strengthening warrior postures. Because kinesthetic memory builds only through consistency of practice, repetition of movement is used to deeply open into the undernourished pockets of tension within the body and cultivate a sense of ease and stability. An excellent introduction to the profound benefits of breath linked movement. The flow sequence is always sealed by long held restorative asana.


Power Flow
Start your day right with some sweaty, detoxifying deliciousness! This is a dynamic class geared to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. Expect to be challenged and exhilarated all while smiling from all the excitement. No need to be intimidated just be prepared to get in touch with your inner power. Sweat out all the toxicity from the body-mind, walking out feeling stronger and centered.


Warm Vinyasa

The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement”. This class offers intelligently sequenced, balanced classes that are challenging yet available to all levels of practitioners. This class invites mindfulness in standing poses, playfulness in balancing poses, compassion in backbends and adventure with inversions. The smooth and continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance, tests your balance and builds flexibility. Sequencing is often built around sun salutations. Note: Room is heated to approx. 75-80 degrees.


Gentle Aerial

In this delightful and relaxing class, the hammock is hung only one foot from the floor enabling a gentler form of flowing movement that energizes the body, sooth tired muscles and releases tight areas. This soulful practice is a great way to awaken and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.


Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga uses a soft fabric hammock hat supports up to a 1000 pound to suspend practitioners while they do Yoga poses. The Yoga hammock is hung close to the floor so that students can use the prop to either partially or fully support the weight of the body. It is designed to help the student better understand traditional Yoga postures and to help students achieve advanced traditional Yoga postures. Unnata style of Aerial Yoga has a strong emphasis on yoga based asanas, pranayama and meditation.



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